Dinesh Mohan- I want people to believe that they can always change their lives and begin again, for AGE is just a number

“18 years ago, I was stuck with a personal loss and I was completely bedridden at the age of 44. I couldn’t stand up on my own and I weighed 130 Kgs. I lost the energy to do anything. The weight kept piling on because I was eating to destroy myself.

I would carelessly snack on pakodas and samosas between meals and had my parathas with dollops of desi ghee. After 10 years, my sister and brother-in-law had to intervene. They encouraged me to seek psychiatric help.

I finally took the road to recovery, instead of destruction and with the help of a dietician and physiotherapist I slowly lost almost 50kgs and was able to walk again. My physiotherapist suggested me to try modelling. I considered his suggestion. When I entered the agency I saw that there were so many tall, slim, and young people.

I was the only one from my age group. But the moment the lights were switched on and fell on me, it was like a spiritual signal and I actually heard a voice within me, which said that was what I was meant to be on the ramp.

My modelling career took off with my first shoot on my birthday in 2016 and since then, calls from the modeling agencies never stopped coming. I want people to believe that they can always change their life and begin again for age is just a number.” said Dinesh Mohan

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