Jessy Prasanthi- My father always supported my decision to join the police, challenging the common perception- ‘Police is a man’s world!’

#IndependenceDayWeek “I have grown up seeing my father serve the people relentlessly. People came to him with their issues, disputes and he used to hear them out patiently. We used to get very less time to spend with our father. We would always be the last ones to attend a family function, our birthdays used to get delayed by hours and planning a family trip used to be an impossible task for us.

As we grew older, these things stopped bothering us so much. We saw him working tirelessly. His duty was off only when he closed his eyes at night. He missed meals for his duty and to help someone in need.

Maa, Papa bravely sailed through financially hard times and never let us know about the same. They just wanted me and my 2 siblings to study well.

I wanted to serve the nation and be like my father, who is my idol. My father always treated me and my brother as equals. He always supported my decision to join the police, challenging the common perception- ‘Police is a man’s world!’

I started working towards my dream. Soon the day came- the first day of my training at Andhra Pradesh Police Academy. The life that APPA gave me had a sense of responsibility and proximity to the tricolour. During my passing out parade, I was selected as a ‘Parade Commander’  and Papa was teary eyed to watch me lead the parade.

Soon, I was posted as DSP in Guntur Urban district after completing my probation. Once, I met my father on duty on the venue of an event. He was busy making arrangements for the event.

I noticed my father saluting me and both of us were teary eyed. I respect him so much. I reciprocated the gesture by saluting him, in turn. It was one of the most emotional moments of my career.” said Jessy Prasanthi

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