Dr. Divya Gupta- I want to convey one message to every abuser, ‘The moment you touch us, we will become a JWALA and burn you down!’

“In 2012, a teenage girl was molested and manhandled by a crowd of approximately 30 men outside a bar in Guwahati. Every time I thought about it, it just sat on my chest. I used think to myself, as horrific and tragic as it was, there would’ve been so many girls who would have had similar experiences. That drove me insane. A part of me felt so tragic.

There came a point when I decided to do something about it. I organized a peace march in support of the girl and my journey with ‘JUSTICE FOR JWALA’ started.

JWALA was born out of frustration, anger, and helplessness that had been simmering for a long time. I got some trained professionals on board, started educating the victims and provided self defence training to them. But after a point I felt, this was not enough. I wanted to see a real impact and make them financially independent.

That was when we launched a small bag-making unit. This was a huge push to the women who were dependent upon their male counterparts for money. Our team has trained over 15,000 girls so far.

I tear up whenever I see these girls, who were once so vulnerable, are now empowered and confident. Ramila contacted our organization when things went out of hand. She was physically abused by her alcoholic husband. One day, she tried contacting the nearby police station but police officials sent her back home instead of taking her matter seriously. This is when she contacted us. We filed a complaint against her husband. Her husband was finally sent to jail.

I just want to convey one message to every abuser. The moment you touch us, we will become a JWALA and burn you down.” Dr. Divya Gupta

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