Diksha Dwivedi- My father left for Kargil on 14th May and then it was very difficult to connect with him

“I was 8. It was a regular summer vacation for our family. We were just coming back from Siliguri, my Mausi’s place. We were to reach Delhi on 3rd July and the news of my daddy’s martyrdom in Kargil war had already come on 2nd July. We didn’t receive the same as there were no mobile phones back then.

That morning, a lot of our relatives came to pick us up. My mom was then told about daddy’s martyrdom. Eventually, my sister and I came to know when we heard my mom crying in the other room.

My mom said to me, ‘Diksha, daddy ab nahi rahe!’ and I remember in that moment I think I shouted and sat on the floor before my cousin. I told him, ‘We talked about the Kargil war every day and prayed to God every night to protect the soldiers and daddy. God didn’t listen to our prayers!’ For the longest time I stopped believing in God!

My father left for Kargil on 14th May and then it was very difficult to connect with him. His unit was 315 field regiment (Kargil). They were going through a difficult period. They had to fire at one location and constantly keep moving to the next location to avoid detection. On 30th June, he called and talked to all of us. His voice felt heavy. .

On 2nd July, my father had to make a choice- to continue firing or to stop. 2 infantry units (18 grenadier and 8 Sikh) would’ve been in grave danger had they stopped. That evening, my father, officiating second-in-command Major CB Dwivedi (SM), chose to keep firing. He heard a shell coming towards their location, Pandrass. He headed out of the tent to ask his soldiers to take cover. In the process, he got injured along with a couple of other soldiers and he didn’t realise when the sprinter crawled from his arm to his underarm while he asked the doctor to take care of his boys. While he was telling a fellow soldier – “I have 2 daughters”, he choked.

It has been 22 years and the emptiness still remains. I still remember those tiny notes daddy used to write to us before going back after chhutti. Once he wrote to me, ‘Diksha, I know you are a brave girl. Please take care of mummy and Neha di and help them in their work.” I think I will never forget that.” said Diksha Dwivedi #KargilVijayDiwas

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