Aditi Kumar- Every time I was injected, he used to hold my hands, console me and tell me I’m a strong girl

#FathersDaySpecial “Our entire household came down with the virus recently. On 23rd April, around 5 AM, my whole body started shivering. I turned off the fan and added another blanket but that didn’t help.

My consciousness was fading as by body went into Hypoxia and oxygen level dropped down to 70%. My father had just recovered from COVID.

He used to come to my room so many times in the middle of the night to check on me and came running from the next room on my single cough. He woke me up in the morning with a back rub and put me to sleep in the night with gentle strokes on my forehead.

Every time I was injected he used to hold my hands, console me and tell me I’m a strong girl. His positive reinforcement to me was, ‘Adu you are the chosen one, your treatment will help so many people and once you recover you will have first hand experience to help people with better empathy.’

He used to bring me Aarti from our Mandir and in the evenings he used  for me to look at the moon and in morning for sun bath.  Along side all this, he was recovering himself while taking of me, Ishu, Akku and Mumma also at the same time. He kept mom’s moral high with his positive cheerful words.

Papa, you are a very special soul. You gave me a new birth. You are my biggest strength. I love you papa. You are my Singham.” said Aditi Kumar

#FathersDay #coviddiaries #HappyFathersDay #daddyslittlegirl

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