Amita Arya- By the end of the day, no matter what, we always resolve our issues

“Every couple has their own story. I found my love on a matrimonial website. After our first conversation over a phone call, we were sure that its a perfect match.

We were smitten. It was a breeze when we met in person. Of course, the jitters and butterflies were in full force. But it was just another strong brick of confirmation that this is the right thing and we are best for each other.

I had put forth just one condition before marriage-‘By end of the day, no matter what, we will always resolve our issues. New Day, New Issues. Haha!’

After we got married, we had our own share of problems just like any other couple. But now, we believe in self expression, empathy and appreciation.

We work like a unit but at the same time we respect each other’s individuality. We celebrate little moments and don’t expect great things from each other. We are happy with our imperfections. He completes me and I complete him.

MOST IMPORTANT ⚠️- At a time only one person is allowed to get angry” said Amita Arya

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