Jyoti Zanwar- Nervous doesn’t even cut it for how I was feeling before uploading my first music video publicly

“Fear. Almost all of us fear something and for me it was the fear of putting myself out there and getting judged/trolled. During lockdown 2020 – when the majority of the population went through some serious personal retrospective, I did so too.

I took upon Ukulele as my lockdown skill and could play a song within 2 weeks. I shared my first video on my personal Instagram account as I thought to myself, why would the world want to see something basic from a part-timer when there are professionals out there already doing a great job?

Nervous doesn’t even cut it for how I was feeling before uploading my first video publicly. It took months before I was okay with the idea of people I worked with or were related to, knew that I loved music. When I say okay, I mean just that.

“Log kya kahenge?”- I’m not going to lie and say that this thought didn’t creep it’s way into my head. It most certainly did. It was nerve-wracking to upload the first video. But then, I did, thinking to myself, no one is perfect and I have to fight my fears.

It was quite a journey and today, I have my own YouTube and Instagram handles where I post my Ukulele music videos. Yes, I finally made it, FEARLESSLY.

Fear stems from setting expectations for ourselves–“What if I start and nobody likes it?” or “Will anyone even care?” or “What if get hate comments?”

Just set yourself apart from the competition. Because you’re unique!” said Jyoti Zanwar

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