Buvana Pichamani- My husband was the biggest support during my pregnancy. This man is setting equality goals to all men out there

“I married the love of my life a few years ago and our life was a party, until he injured his left eye while playing cricket, resulting in partial vision in his left eye. Back then, I was literally in an emotional roller-coaster.

A few months later, I conceived at the most unexpected time of my life. Those two pink lines gave us the happiness that we had lost a month ago.

My husband was the biggest support during my pregnancy. He remained at the ready for those midnight cravings, to offer a back or foot rub and provide an empathetic ear in challenging moments.

My morning sicknesses were handled with ease and so were my 3 meals a day. There were days when I craved icecream at mid nights but he’d give measured quantity of pomegranates.

When I wanted to do a pregnancy photoshoot, the fear of COVID petrified me. My husband suggested to do our maternity photoshoot ourselves. We finally rode to ECR at 5am in the morning, for that perfect sunrise and we got that perfect shot. I was 8 months pregnant then but I got all the confidence from my man.

We got admitted in the hospital a few days before the due date. I got severe contractions as soon as I got induced due to the fault of the duty doctor. I was hurried for a cesarean delivery citing that the baby has passed meconium.

I gave birth to beautiful baby Adhya. My husband, held her to my breast to feed her for 3 continuous days. He was the 1st mother Adhya had, he comforted her during cries, fed her timely, gave her 1st bath and changed her diapers as well.

It’s been 7 months since Adhya was born and I have started to work again. I’m able to peacefully sit at office and work because of my husband’s support.

He does everything without saying a word and never brags about the same. This man is setting equality goals to all men out there. I’m grateful to share my life with him.” said Buvana Pichamani

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