Aarna’s first Rakshabandhan!

“Before I was even discharged from the hospital after delivering Aarna, I enquired about the date of Rakhi, calculated how many months she would be, if she would be in a position to sit/crawl/stand/walk by that time and started thinking about what she would wear and how we would celebrate!

Why so much excitement, you ask?

Growing up, Rakhi was not a big deal at our house ever, as I have a sister for a sibling.

Yes, we tied rakhi to our cousins, had rakhi get togethers and ate yummy food. I really have fond memories of the time of choosing our Rakhis, waiting for the gifts, choosing gifts and then opening the envelopes gifted by the brothers to count the cash haul. However, though it was fun, I never really connected to the festival in the personal way, maybe because I didn’t have a brother I was that close to.

My husband and my brother-in-law sail in the same boat too as they had a brother sibling and no sisters. Then my sister gave birth to two boys.

8 months ago, I gave birth to Aarna. This time we all are excited to experience this festival together. She is going to tie rakhi to three brothers – Yuvi (her real brother) and my sister’s sons and it is going to be super special!” said Stuti Agarwal (Aarna’s mother)

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