Premang &Radhika- We’re the conventional misfits, and yet, we are the best of friends

“If you’ve ever met us, you would never believe that we could ever be BFFs. The first time we met each other was at our medical-college counselling session. We were the polar-opposites of each other. In college, we stuck to our separate friend circles, only sharing casual pleasantries.

Our next encounter was during our Freshers’, a few months later. I had made up my mind that this “quiet, shy girl” was clearly not my kind. However, I’m uncomfortable with awkward silences while she prefered to keep to herself. It was the smallest conversation I’ve ever had.

I can’t quite point out when, but over the weeks, we started hanging out more and more. Our social circles blurred, and pleasantries were replaced with movies and eating-out.

Fast-forward to our 3rd term, the infamous “Honeymoon Period” of MBBS life, and the highlight of our friendship, both of us and five of our friends, packed our bags, got on the train, and left the sweltering heat of Delhi behind, for a spontaneous trip to Kasauli. On the very last night of the trip, while we were discussing our life-happenings, I randomly got up, walked up to her and stated “I hereby proclaim you as my best friend, my person.”

It has been 3 years of knowing her and I’ve never been more close to anyone in my life. We are practically inseparable now, and do everything together: attending classes, having meals, getting late for lectures every morning, whiling away time, sulking, laughing, crying. We’re the conventional misfits, and yet, we are the best of friends. Nay, we are a family!” said Premang Thakur

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