Jhanak Shukla- Acting chose me and became the most pivotal part of my childhood

“‘Karishma Ka Karishma’ has undoubtedly been my best work yet. I remember how tough it was to control my laughter during the hilarious scenes at the age of 7.
My first dream career was to be an astronaut; Kalpana Chawla being my role model. But acting chose me and became the most pivotal part of my childhood. Soon, I was offered ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ after an audition. I was very excited about the opportunity to go to New York. Shah Rukh Khan @iamsrk became my favourite actor. I mean who can resist his charm, right? Jaya Aunty was the most caring person on the set. I share some fond memories with Arjun bhaiya (Arjun Kapoor) @arjunkapoor calling me for the scene saying “Superstar, shot ready hai!”
Not many people know but I have also played a pivotal role in a Malayalam serial named “Alipazm” where I played a mute kid. I can vouch for being a legitimate child actor since I left the industry by the age of 10. Though my last work was an episode of Gumrah on Channel V after completing my 10th boards.
Recently, I completed my MA in Archaeology. History has always been my favourite subject and the happiness I get on sets is the same as when I’m around my favourite historic monument.
The problems arose when I started gaining weight rapidly and, as we all know, social media is a platform where you are judged on your appearance, body structure and way of life. Health is important of course, but touchwood I have not faced health issues as of now. People on social media act like dieticians and bash me for my weight, I try ignoring them but sometimes it is hard to digest. I am a very sensitive person and I don’t feel I owe an explanation for my body, my face and my lifestyle to anyone.
Besides that I’m happy to know that I made a difference in so many people’s life which keeps me going. I wish to entertain and create an impact on as many people as possible through any medium, history or acting. I wish to act with Ranveer Singh once in my lifetime.” said Jhanak Shukla

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