Deepak Patel- My journey towards becoming a 4-time Guinness World Record holder commenced only 3 years back.

“My unparalleled love for martial arts dates back to my lunchbox days. Little did I know that the kid who was once profoundly fascinated by Bruce Lee movies would one day find a deep-rooted passion in the arts. My journey towards becoming a 4-time Guinness World Record holder commenced only 3 years back.
I initially started out as a Karateka at a very young age but I later digressed from my initial path and stepped into the world of Taekwondo. This transition took place when my much younger self witnessed on live TV, one of India’s most celebrated athletes, Abhinav Bindra. I did some digging, and to my surprise, found that Karate isn’t a category at the Olympics, nor is any other form of martial arts, except one – Taekwondo.
And that was it, I switched lanes. I found my calling. Back then, I had only one state level Taekwondo medal to my name. That single medal was all that it took to catapult me into a whole new universe. That was when I came across an interview on television of a certain Grandmaster Shri. Jayanath Reddy. As if the staggering number of world records weren’t enough, he has also been awarded the Presidential Sports Awards by George Bush Sr and Bill Clinton. Since then, I shifted all my time and energy into disciplining myself in the art. I would put in several hours of practice every single day to sharpen my skills.
In 2017, I was rewarded with a ‘black belt Dan 1’. Well, I’d say that there was no turning back since then. It all started on the 26th of November 2017. I bagged the record for ‘most full-contact elbow strikes with alternate elbows in one minute’. I was ecstatic and totally over the roof with my achievement. But that wasn’t the end. I was at it again, I set the record for ‘most full contact knee strikes in three minutes. They say, ‘3rd time’s a charm’, and rightfully so. On the 30th of August 2019, I scored a hat-trick with the ‘most one leg full-contact knee strikes wearing five-kilogram ankle weights in three minutes. I hold the third world record even closer, dedicating it to our brave slain soldiers and to promote Fit India Movement. My biggest dream yet is to compete at the 2024 Olympics.” said Deepak Patel

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