Lakshay & Veronika- ‘Arranged Love’

“Ours is a perfect love story arranged by our parents. Me and my family we went to Lakshay’s place to visit him and his family. The room was filled with gossips and smiles. At the very first meeting we had a very general conversation.
Lakshay told me that he was a party person whereas I was a girl who never stayed out of my house after 8PM. Instead I loved going out for a brunch and explore various cuisines. Although, there wasn’t anything common between us, both of us wanted to meet each other another time without our families and spend some more time together.
We met for the second time at Starbucks and surely felt the sparks fly. But before the cupid could strike, we wanted to meet one more time.
This time, the moment I left for home, I received a call from his mother and she said it’s a “Yes!” from him and his family.
12 days later, we got engaged and it was the most beautiful day of our lives. It was just 2 days before our engagement, when Lakshay had taken me for mehendi, that I realised that this person is so funny – I just couldn’t stop laughing and the mehendi wale bhaiya was like “Ma’am please hath mat hilaye mehendi kharab ho jaegi”.
The next day he took me for a dance practice and that first touch was so special for both of us – we had butterflies in our stomach.
After 6 months of our engagement we both got married on 3/02/2020.” said Vironika Khurana

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