Ashutosh Salunkhe- It took me years to come out of that cage I had built around me

“I was always a coward boy in school who was afraid to go to the washroom alone because someone would call me a faggot. I was scared to go to the corridor couse someone would notice my way of walking and call me feminine. I was scared to stay back alone in the class cause someone might come and call me a whore.
I still cannot forget those bullies in those specific classrooms. I remember I always used the 4th-floor passage for going to the washroom on the 3rd floor just to ignore them.
But you know what, they miserably failed because when they were busy in your their toxic masculinity games, I danced along with a bunch of girls at the annual function and enjoyed it more than them.
I may be flamboyant (too girly according to you people) but at least I’m unique. I was alone but I stood for what I believed in.
I have spent years being conscious of what society might think of me and what I truly am. But today, I’m proud to be myself and what community I represent, irrespective of what others think.
It took me years to come out of that cage I had built around me but now that I’ve broken those boundaries, I stand stronger than ever and I must say, I managed pretty well.
I’m no more afraid of roaming in the corridors and walking through those paths again. I’ve come way beyond the things that weighed me down.” said Ashutosh Salunkhe

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