Ritik Gupta- I’m trying to find my true calling, not a “job” but a passion.

“After I completed my graduation, I received calls for MBA from reputed B schools in India but I thought was it worth to spend 25 lakhs?
I wanted to find my calling instead but I didn’t know what I was good at! So, I decided to drop the idea to pursue MBA ans started trying different things with the hope I find my true calling. (Still finding and won’t stop ever). I started with my family business. My dad, no matter how amazing businessman he is, he is the most lenient boss I could ever have. I knew I won’t realise the value of money and hardwork if I continue working with him.
I always knew I was good at telling stories so I started a travel company called “Trocals” to make travellers meet trusted locals to have off beat experiences in the most touristy city of the country, Agra. My market strategy was to give out pamphlets, running behind every potential client in the parking and freaking them out. On the 2nd day, I hosted my first guest and soon, I started loving the process.
In 4 months, we became the best walking tour company in Agra according to TripAdvisor. Now, we work in multiple cities. When my teachers ask me what I’m doing, I tell them “I’m talking and making friends.”
Now that travel isn’t safe, I’m conducting virtual tours and still telling stories. The time I spent alone working on the project made me realise the importance of talking about our feelings, which is why a few months back I started a community project called “Talk it out loud”, a platform for people to come out and talk about their feelings and create mental health awareness. The thought of making someone feel better is an instant satisfaction for me.
I always say that I’m just trying to find my true calling, not a “job” but a passion where I can lose track of the world and time and lose myself in the task at hand because your work hours just zoom right by. Only way to do so, is to keep experimenting.” said Ritik Gupta

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