Priyanka Jena- we went on our dream project, a long road trip with our dogs, covering 12,500 Kms across 20 states in four months.

‘I met Tanveer on Facebook and got to talking as we had a lot of mutual friends and shared interests. After a while, we decided to take a short road trip with our dogs and soon after that we began getting along really well. We started travelling with Frodo and Cruise since they were puppies and we also started documenting our adventures along with them a few years ago.

Frodo, 7 and Cruise, 3 are both really opposite personalities just like Tanveer and me. And just like us they get cranky when they spend a lot of time in the city and they love traveling. We’ve noticed time and again that they have turned a blind ear whenever we have kept a leash on them, because they love the outdoors and they do a great job at exploring destinations by themselves safely.

Tanveer and I wanted to show them all the different terrains that our beautiful country has, so we finally decided to go on our dream project, a long road trip with them, covering 12,500 Kms across 20 states in four months. It took us more than a year to plan our trip. We had been planning the entire trip quite meticulously.

And finally we set off, full of optimism and energy. Since we were covering distance gradually there wasn’t an immediate change in weather and our dogs never got travel sick. We spent majority of the trip traveling through different villages and staying in homestays and camping setups. Surprisingly, we noticed that the cities in India are not pet friendly at all but the rural setups are actually really open to dogs being around and are really helpful.

Driving along the coastal route all the way to the Northeast back to Mumbai via Rajasthan and Gujarat, we covered all terrains – from beaches to mountains, rainforests to the desert. The whole trip was a beautiful set of memories. We fondly remember how Frodo and Cruise reacted to snow for the first time. They went crazy playing around and it was really heart-warming.

Planning a trip with our pets might seem difficult but it’s totally worth it. They’re the happiest when they’re with you. So take them with you on all the adventures and that will only make your travel even more exciting.’ said Priyanka Jena
@ Mumbai, Maharashtra

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