Prattay Pramanik

‘I have a pretty unique background in that, for most of my life, medical school and medicine was always part of the plan. But I have been always attracted to photography since I was in class 9th when my father bought his first digital camera.

Soon, I was on the pre-med track and I spent most of my time checking off those boxes to gain entrance to medical school. Get good grades? Check. Go volunteer at a hospital? Check. I was pretty gung-ho about it until when I found myself well into medical school, stressed out all the time. So, in the second year of my college my passion for photography rekindled again and over the years, it had really developed into a passion. I knew that, whatever my next step was going to be, photography was going to play a major role. To me, the idea of capturing an emotion or feeling from a photograph was incredibly exciting, intoxicating even. I’ve been lucky enough to realise early on, through self-reflection and from client feedback, that my style is clean, simple and modern.

I think I’ve arrived at the happy medium of embracing both photography and my career in medicine.’ said Prattay Pramanik

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