Poorvi Joshi Shenoy-

‘I lost my mother at early age of 19. She was my best friend, my strength when I was weak, my biggest cheerleader, my laughter to pick me up and my always-there-in-a-heartbeat person. Losing her felt like my heart will never be whole again. My entire world was turned upside down. I slipped into depression.

But through it all my father showed enormous strength putting on his bravest face for all those he loved. His quiet dignity and grace in the face of extreme tragedy pulled me through the hardest time of my life. Over the years, he become my confidante, counselor, financial advisor and sounding board. But most important of all, she has become my best friend. He was never an intrusive force but rather a comforting presence in my life. But there was and there will still be that giant void in my heart.

After a while, I got married. Life was not only good, it felt fair as my husband was always very supportive of me. Both of us supported each other in our work, shared the domestic drudgery equally, and always seemed to have time for each other and for fun. We always wanted to have girl child. I wanted to give the same love, affection, friendship to my baby like my mother used to do for me. After 5 years of our marriage, last year, God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl. She came to the world on my mother’s birth date and the same month when she passed away.

My husband instantly decided to name our baby girl after my mother and I couldn’t be more happy. and said, ‘See your best friend ‘Nisha’ has arrived.” said Poorvi Joshi Shenoy

@ Mumbai, Maharashtra

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