Nishtha Mathur- it’s time for PCOS advocacy to embrace fat activism.

‘I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was in class 12th. Just going off, the symptoms of PCOS aren’t always clear. Although, I started having weight fluctuations, irregular periods, sugar sensitivity etc. Finally, a doctor who diagnosed me helped me greatly, especially with the dietary aspect of it. I’d say, if you think you might have PCOS: speak up, there’s an answer and definitely get yourself tested.

PCOS is associated with weight gain as well. Body weight and body image is an individual’s perception of their appearance in their own eyes and in the eyes of others. But I’ve observed body image dissatisfaction and disorders associated with body image have long been observed in women with PCOS because of image of women portrayed in the media. Body shaming is sort of a micro aggression that gradually erodes a person’s psyche.

Now it’s time for PCOS advocacy to embrace fat activism. My parents and then boyfriend (now husband) always encouraged me a lot to follow the same and not to forget chasing my dreams. Activists like Your Fat Friend, Kivan Bay, Ashleigh Shackleford, and Ariel Woodson, amongst others, taught me about the long history of fat bodies resisting the status quo.

In a little while, I created my own Plus-Size styling and lifestyle YouTube channel. I couldn’t believe that so many plus size and even thinner girls will messaged me to tell me about how I inspire them. It is important to understand that our body isn’t something to be brought in line but an integral part of our self worth fighting for.’ said Nishtha Mathur

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