Lymraina Fernandes –

‘My mother and I share a craziest relationship. She’s millennial in every way and that’s what helps me breathe easy but at the same time, she does have some boundaries and limitations set.

She is a vigilant, sharp witted and genius woman and she gives the utmost importance when it comes to education. She has worked as a teacher, supervisor and a headmistress of a prestigious educational institute for over 32 years.

Mum’s been through all my emotional turmoils, she has stuck with me through thick and thin. When I recently broke up with the guy I loved dearly, it made my heart sink into the depths of my stomach. I had never been in this scenario before. I started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.

But maa stood by me like a rock, never asked for explanations, she was just there and she was undeniably supportive. We used to have these pep talks every night, and she helped me gather momentum.

Maa has had a very hard life as well- as a teen and as an adult, but she always stood by her principles and that’s what made her an indestructible woman today. Today, she’s an inspiration to all her students worldwide, a best wife, a best critic and the best mother I could’ve ever asked for. I legitimately confide in her.’ said Lymraina Fernandes @ Mumbai, Maharashtra

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