Sannibh Kar – Kolkata’s everyday storytellerKolkata’s everyday storyteller

‘Growing up, I’ve always been told how you need money to be happy in life, and doing engineering or being a doctor is possibly the only way of achieving success. The first part isn’t wrong entirely, but the second statement definitely is. I’ve found my joy, my happiness in the craft I do, photography, creating stories and this little artform is bettering the story of my life. On the other hand, keeping a bit of the first statement in mind, I’m also persuing a degree in business administration. Like most households, we never had big monetary support. Struggles have been a part of growing up. My father is still working in that same private sector. My mother is my hero, I look up to her and I’m inspired to acknowledge how she started and grew a business on her own, in the toughest of times. I pay off EMIs of gears by tutoring children. I’ve learned a lot, from making mistakes to almost getting arrested – parents who used to think photography would take me nowhere, now ask me everyday how many likes my last post received. And I’ve been blessed with a partner who motivates me, gives me all her love and most importantly, lets me be me. Life is pretty sorted. The thing is, I have no clue where this would go, where photography or writing would take me. How’d I manage to give time to this and a job later on in life. All I know is, in this fast moving world we’re living in today, we overlook a lot of struggles people go through every single day. Being Kolkata’s everyday storyteller I’d like to do justice to some of their stories.’ said Sannibh Kar

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