Mukund Sasikumar – the same obese kid who once needed psychological help, has ATP ranking 263

‘I started playing tennis at the age of 4 and I realised that I was going to make Tennis my career at a very early age. I suffered from obesity as a kid due to which I suffered a lot. Although I was a fat, I was a very active child and participated in many organised sports. Once, I wasn’t being chosen for a sports program, when a coach told my dad that my fitness is as good as a 7 year old girl and he shouldn’t waste his money on me. I was devastated to know the same. I felt really ashamed and embarresed to put my dad in that situation. But my dad made me realise that my dream is bigger than what people say. Then I spent a fair time training on clay in Europe. The day came when I decided to lose weight. While I was in Barcelona and I got my training under a coach who had previously worked with some top atheletes. I trained there for 7-8 months in a row in 2012, and that’s where I made a change in my life. After those 8 months, I was a completely different player when I came back to India. I give complete credit to my coach from Vienna, @MartinSpottl and @JavierCapitaine from Spain who’ve taught me to change my mindset and made a certain technical changes to my game. A lot of work has gone in. Today, the same obese kid who once needed psychological help, has ATP ranking 263. Five or six years down the line, I have aim to learn the art of playing strategically and relaxed even on tight situations. If I want to play the big rounds in Slams, I have to learn to smack balls in tight moments.’ said Mukund Sasikumar

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