Janhvi Khoshe – Though I was quite passionate about performing arts, I wanted to join the Indian Air force

‘Since I was three my mum found out that I was quite expressive, creative and recognised that her precious little daughter might have been bitten by the acting bug. Soon, I participated in a marathi jingle recitation contest and won the 1st prize of my life. Thereafter, the journey of acting and theatre begun. I participated in several mono acting competitions and one act plays as I grew up.

I won several prizes and appreciation from some recognized people. I was evolved as an individual day by day through performing arts. My mother always stressed on the fact that education comes first and I should pay equal attention to it while doing all the extra curricular activities. Therefore, I was pretty good at academics as well. That is why my parents were quite oblivious to what should I choose as my career. By the time I came to class 12th I knew what I wanted to do in my life. I made my parents sit down and told that I wanted to join the Indian Air force which came in as a surprise to my parents. Though I was quite passionate about performing arts I never really wanted to make a career out of it. Keeping in mind my aspirations, I took admission in Fergusson College, Pune for Pure Sciences and represented my college in several competitions till I entered into my 3rd year. That is when I started preparing for AFCAT examinations at a greater pace. Coming from a civil background I worked really hard to gain insights about defence. I cleared the written examination but couldn’t clear my interview in the first attempt. I didn’t give up and cleared the written exam and went in for my interview with more preparation and this time I got recommended from the Air Force Board. Although, the path from here on isn’t going to be easy but this is something that I have chosen and I want to do. We should never fear to make decisions for ourselves. During my preparations for Defence exam a lot of people adviced to pursue acting since I had invested quite a few years in it but I knew what I wanted out of my life and I am proud of my journey. I hope to work harder than this hence forth and live my life creating the best version out of me.’ said Janhvi Khoshe

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