Divya Kaushal – From dentist to artist

‘I’ve had an interest in art since childhood and I still cherish the creative freedom I obtain through art.

But I was keen to make a career in Medicine. Gradually, with time, my zest and commitment for art got buried in piles of books as I started focussing more on by goals and ambition.

After clearing my medical entrance examinations I got selected for General Dentistry. The blue and red colour in my drawing books got replaced by diagrams of arteries and veins in anatomy and physiology. Simultaneously I got the job in the same hospital where I worked for 4 years.

One fine day while cleaning my stuff I found my painting kit and I realised how much I missed this. I made up my mind to utilise my talent in the best way possible. So, I decided to invest some of my time in pursuing my passion as well.

Art has infinite forms but I wanted to use it to serve a purpose. I wanted to do something to bring awareness towards plantation. My family was really supportive of my idea.

Most people spend so much money in gifting bouquets and expensive gifts. But nothing is more precious than fresh air. So why shouldn’t we make a switch to more thoughtful and eco-friendly option. With this vision ‘Way to grow’ came into existence.

I could’ve painted on canvas too but I started designing pots/planters with the motive of environmental awareness and started the idea of gifting plants. Plants tell stories, keep secrets, survive harrowing moves across town and cross-country as well.

This concept started gaining appreciation and popularity. My handpainted pots were being ordered by institutes and firms for felicitation, gifting purposes, for home and garden decor.

I started selling my products on various e-commerce websites and are now I’m selling them globally. Apart from this, I participate in organising plantation and awareness programme in association with an NGO, where we gift plants and promote plantation. Till now ‘Way to grow’ has been successful in planting and gifting around 150-200 plants.

Whether one has a large backyard, a tiny balcony, just a desk or a windowsill, that’s desperately in need of some greenery, there is a planter for you.’ said Divya Kaushal

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