Mona – When I first met Chintan in college, I never thought I’d be with him for rest of my life

Today, we laugh over this incident but during that time, I realized Chintan wanted that trip more than anything. I realized he was ready to do anything so that we fly together. My chances of getting the visa were less because of the complicity in the documents. And it was this time, when he said, he will not board the plane if my visa is not getting approved. It was those 14 days of struggle and nervousness that brought us closer. Back in 2013 when I first met Chintan in college, I never thought I’d be with him for rest of my life.It was only in the start of 2017 that I started meeting him more often and it all started to change. We shared mutual love for travel and gradually, our friendship turned into deep rooted bonding. Soon, we decided to plan our first trip together. It was a special one for me because it was my first ever trip to Europe. The excitement of traveling to new countries and boarding my first ever flight was beyond imagination.But, 15 days before the trip, we came to know that our visas got rejected. We never imagined to land up in such a big mess. I could see my dream trip ending before it could even begin. We met several agents, consulate authorities and everyone we could possibly meet. All I knew was that I’ve put everything behind this trip and it could not betray me like this.After spending endless hours together trying, we finally got our visas approved. I just screamed out of excitement in middle of the visa office as he hugged me with his eyes filled with tears of joy. It was the first time we hugged each other and it was filled with purest of emotions. After traveling to Europe, we knew our lives together would be a roller coaster ride but since then, we’ve held each other tight, and we’re ready for this breathtaking adventure together.’ said Mona

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