Gurnur Wadhwani – Traveling is what makes me happy and I love to share my travel anecdotes with everyone.

‘Right from my childhood, I had an awe for traveling with my family. After coming to Japan and living independently in the buzzy streets of Tokyo, I was taken aback by its urban vibes completely different from where I come. Working in a multinational company, and meeting individuals from extensively diverse backgrounds, broadened my perception of people and cultures arising the curiosity to explore more. With this I started to travel in Japan, experiencing its rich nature, local cuisines and learning the language. It has been quite humbling for me to meet warm and friendly people that I was fortunate to come across encouraging me to also visit the neighbouring countries. Being an amateur painter, I already had an intimate relationship with colors, which helped me portray the beautiful places and share these snippets on my profile.I believe that you have to choose to be happy for yourself. Traveling is what makes me happy. Looking back I’m filled with gratitude remembering my travel anecdotes that I continue to share with everyone. Travel just doesn’t go to plan. We’ve all been faced with bumps in the road and often they become the moments that make your trip. I love to share my travel stories with my friends, sit back, laugh and go with the flow.’ said Gurnur Wadhwani @ Tokyo, Japan


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