Anushka Datta – I’ve found my courage in the voiceless

‘Since I was a child, I wanted to have a priceless experience of owning a dog. I pleaded my parents to get me a dog but they said that getting a dog is no small endeavor and they didn’t think I was responsible and capable enough to take care of it.When I was 16, they considered my decision to adopt a dog and Tuffy came into our lives. He taught me what unconditional love means and also how special every animal is. I started working as an animal activist at the age of 16, by first taking care of 6 of my locality dogs living down the lane and then in no time this expanded from 6 to 100 plus dogs per month. Since then, I have devoted myself to take care of our fellow voiceless beings. I keep track of their vaccines, deworming and regular vet visits as well. Every summer, you will find me running with big bowls of cold water. During monsoon, I make sheds for the dogs and walk miles with warm food filed in my bags. In winters, I lay warm blankets, mattress and construct small shelters for the new borns. I’ve been doing this for years.I remember going to the villages to treat the dogs but it became a nightmare for me because of some creepy guys who used to stare and taunt every day. I reprimanded a few guys once, for troubling my dogs and the next day they were outside my house to start a war. These daily struggles were getting on my head and haunted me during the night. These situations were hard for me mentally and soaked my confidence away. I was mocked, misunderstood and insulted for the work I continued to do. At the age of 16, I came to know about the kinds of hardship animal lovers have to go through. My soul is deeply connected with every animal, I feel their pain. I have also trained many children to help any animal they think needs help and I’m proud to have a mini army of brave kid warriors. Today, I’m no more fragile, no more scared to take a stand for what is right. I’ve found my courage in the voiceless.’ said Anushka Datta

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