Aisharya Mondal – Our dog Chocolate is the most beautiful thing that has happened to us.

‘After pursuing my MCA degree, I recieved my job location in Bangalore. I was going through a very tough phase in my life that time. I was suffering from health issues and depression. My father had to move out from our family business due to some family issue and it was very difficult for me to settle in Bangalore. Apart from that, I couldn’t imagine leaving behind my Golden Retriever Chocolate.Therefore, I started a Dog Creche at my home on April 2016 and I’m glad I took that decision. Today, I have more than 500 clients. I avail freshly cooked food for fur babies at my place and I feel so happy when people choose Chocolate’s House Dog Creche as their first choice.My undying love for my pup Chocolate led me to start Dog Creche. Our family loves to spend time with Chocolate and she’s the most loved kid of the family. Our family try to go on short trips with Chocolate every year. I believe that Chocolate is my lucky charm. I stop to watch her, I smile, I tell the her that I love her, and she smiles for the gentle sound of the words and she snuggles closer to me in her sleep. She’s the most beautiful thing that has happened to us.’ said Aisharya Mondal

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