Uttara Garg – ‘Instagram is like my own art exhibition for the world to see’

‘I have been interested in art since childhood. I remember spending my afternoons drawing and then imagining my drawings come to life. My mother paints as well and she always encouraged me to pursue my field of interest.

Growing up I set up a small home studio and sold hand-painted wall plates. Although I worked in various companies but I never really enjoyed the corporate environment.

So, I started working as a designer for various cooperates. One fine day, I started my own platform called @tangytinge that served as a medium for me to escape small pockets of time. Eventually, it started gaining momentum I decided to quit my job and pursue what I knew was finally the correct choice. Instagram is a highly visual medium and it served as a great way to exhibit my work. It is like my own art exhibition for the world to see. I also find my audience very supportive and it helped me to keep going. In future, I plan to diversify my product range, collaborate with more artists for artworks and then eventually set up a new studio space for TangyTinge.’ said Uttara Garg

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