Gulshan Jethwani – I sailed through as I was adventurous enough to dive into my music career headfirst.

‘I grew up in Gwalior, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. Growing up, I saw my father playing the cassette, humming and listening to the old ’70s and 80’s music. I inherited my love for music from my father. I requested my parents to buy me a guitar and when I got one, I soon became very fascinated with it. I tried using an analytical approach to learn playing the instrument and eventually, over the years I realised that my strumming was getting better. The real joy of playing music, according to me is to let go of control, be free, honest and in the moment.

Coming from a joint family, it was our family’s legacy to join the choose a career in the family owned business. But I expressed my aspiration to pursue my graduation in Mumbai to my family and trust me, bringing up this topic was catastrophic. Although, they agreed I didn’t get admission in Mumbai and so, I shifted to Pune for graduation.

During graduation I was fortunate to meet fellow friends sharing a keen interest in music like me. We used to sit after college hours and mix up various tunes and eventually five of us started a band and kicked-off so many competitions across Pune city. TMKC was the name of my very first band. Unfortunately, after graduation, the band went on a hiatus.

I continued to make music and became part of many successful projects. I participated in reality shows like MTV Colors Of Youth, Start Plus – Dil Hai Hindustani and many more and I never felt so proud. I started going for outstation gigs as well in cities like Goa, Udaipur, Mumbai, Gujarat, Delhi, Kolkata, etc.
2019 was very special to me as composed my original music and released it on various musical platforms. I have already created and released two original songs of mine and I couldn’t be any happier.So, this is the journey of my career in music. I’m still a small-town guy, living and breathing music in this beautiful city of dreams. I sailed through as I was adventurous enough to dive into my music career headfirst.’ said Gulshan Jethwani

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