Megha Meelu- I ran outside and discovered a whole new world of running and the solidarity that comes with it.

‘For pretty much my entire life, I have always been an active person but due to peer pressure of examinations in school, I completely stopped getting involved in sports.

Finally, for my UG in Architecture, I moved to Delhi and living in a college hostel, there was no fixed routine, no time to sleep and in addition to that, bad eating habits as well. So, I ended up gaining 25 kgs.

When I came back home during 3rd year of college I started taking care of what went in my tummy. Early morning long runs made me fall in love with running. I ran outside and discovered a whole new world of running and the solidarity that comes with it.

Then came the advertisement for Airtel Delhi half marathon and I realised that I needed to make the run happen and I participated in the marathon and I completed it in 2:06. I was told that this was a good timing. This was it, the energy at the event, the medal I received motivated me so much that there was no looking back. I kept running half marathons and a year later I participated in the Tata Mumbai Marathon and I was lucky to bag the silver in my age category in my debut full marathon.

While running in the cantonment (as I belong to an Army background) I realised that all cantonments and military stations are very conducive to running and outdoor activity. Faujis are generally good runners but most of them hate running, primarily because during the training, running is a form of punishment. Army has given me a lot all my life, therefore, as a small token of thanks to the armed forces, I started the Armed Forces Running Club (AFRC). AFRC’s motive is to connect like minded runners who can mentor each other and grow together and it’s network is now spread across 8 cities in the country and in some small stations as well.

I have been running ever since I first started running marathons and my journey continues.’ said Megha Meelu

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