Nehal – my artwork brought joy, love and peace in my life and eased my discomposure

‘ I am certain that only by loving the deed you do it is possible to create something truly valuable and in my case it is painting. I remember the days when I use to make artwork and my dad would proudly present it to every single person who visited our place. When I was 13, I made my first ever oil pastel painting which took me roughly around 6 – 7 hours to complete and surprisingly it turned out to be good. I was thrilled and ready to showcase this new art piece and before I could even realise, my dad got it framed and it was hanging on our living room wall. That was an indescribable feeling of happiness and I was so pleased by this gesture of him. But soon after giving my boards examinations I started preparing for CA and gradually I lost my touch with art. I could hardly get time to pursue what I really liked.
During that phase I realised my artwork brought joy, love and peace in my life and eased my discomposure.There was a time where I was surrounded by ill thoughts and art was my only therapy. As a person who has fought anxiety (and still continue to) I know how hard mental illness can be. That’s the only reason I created @creativetales8 where I could share my work with everyone who are seeking some sort of motivation in life. Sometimes life can be frustrating and the only way for all of us is to hold onto each other. I hope people pursue what inspires them with whatever time they have.’ said Nehal

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