Vishakha Rajani – I don’t want to ever regret that I didn’t try to do something that I really wanted to

‘My dad has a traditional wear store in Bhopal so I have grown up looking at these beautiful lehengas and sarees. I kind of knew I had a knack for fashion but I never thought of taking it up as a career option. When I scored quite well in 12th grade I shifted to Bombay for my graduation. After moving to the city of dreams, I started realising my potential. I did my first paid internship as a fashion consultant with @quiksilverindia . I further worked as a social media marketer, a stylist and more internships to explore my field of choice.
Then I decided to take up digital marketing, that was something I was curious about. I started working towards my Instagram and tried to do as much as I can in terms of fashion. I would go for auditions and work on the weekends towards my page. This would leave me all exhausted and dead by the end of every week but it also made me feel alive and good.
In the midst of my busy life, I got to know about Myntra Fashion Superstar, world’s first digital fashion influencer talent hunt. I applied for the show and was beyond happy to get selected. As each episode aired I would receive messages from my followers on how I performed, what all they liked and everything. There was one of such episodes where I supported an initiative of adopting street dogs. After that, a lot of people sent me their pictures of rescuing dogs and that’s when I realized that I can create a positive impact through my platform.
A lot of times people ask me what do you actually want to do in life or pursue as a career, to all those people my answer is that I don’t want to ever regret that I didn’t try to do something that I really wanted to.’ said Vishakha Rajani @ Mumbai, Maharashtra

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