Sulagna Mondal – I’m 22 and a Master’s student in Psychology and a book blogger

‘Born and brought up in a Bengali household I’ve always seen my parents reading big fat literature books. So reading came naturally to me, just like one breathes. I was always a shy kid. I had friends but I always found solace in books. I’d pick out piles of books to read from my school’s library. During examinations my mother used to hide my library books from me as I used to read those books as well apart from reading my syllabus books.
I started hoarding books since I was 17 and I dreamt to have my own library one day. At 18 I thought of setting up an Instagram account dedicated to the collection of my books that I own. My introversion didn’t let me talk to people in real life. Therefore, Instagram was the best way where I could have a two-way conversation with people about books and I could recommend my favourite books to a wider audience as well.
It was there that I came across a community called @bookstagram where like-minded readers post pictures of the books they recommend, about new book releases, host read alongs and arrange book club meetings as well. Though I thought that I was satisfied with Bookstagram, it was my elder sister who pushed me towards creating my personal blog. I started my journey as a blogger and book reviewer on 26th February 2017.
It was difficult to be distinctive amongst various renowned bloggers but slowly and steadily I worked my way through by developing my writing skills first and then through the improvising editing and photography skills. Presently, I’m 22 and a Master’s student in Psychology and a book blogger. Although it’s difficult to keep with both work and academics but I can say that I’m faring well in both. When your academics and work becomes your passion, it isn’t really that difficult.’ said Sulagna Mondal

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