Shristi – We have found the kind of love that makes us grow, gives us wings & sets us free

‘I stumbled upon Shambhavi’s profile on an LGBT dating app when I was keenly looking for a friend to share my thoughts and feelings revolving around my sexuality. I was out to my family and they were supportive but still they had certain limitations in comprehending my experience. I was desperate to find someone who shared the same experience. Shambhavi was also searching for the same, however, she was still closeted at that time. We were drawn towards each other from the very beginning, not romantically but simply as humans. We admired each other’s personality, intellect, empathy and depth. We appreciated the fact that we had found such a strong bond of friendship. Our feelings grew gradually overtime. It took us a year to realize that we liked each other as more than friends. We lived in different cities so it was hard to meet often. I used to go Delhi where Shambhavi lived at the moment to meet her from time to time. But it was not all roses, we had a great deal of personal baggage and struggles from our pasts. There have been ups and downs in our relationship due to our individual struggles. But our bond has proven to be stronger than any adversity. We have known each other for three years and on 17th of this November we will complete our two year anniversary. Shambhavi says at times she can’t believe that she is sitting next to her soulmate, it is so surreal. All of our pain and struggle is worth it because what we have is quite rare. We have found the kind of love that makes us grow, gives us wings & sets us free. We just can’t wait to get married.’ said Shristi

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