Shipi Yadav

‘Being an army brat, most of my childhood was spent frolicking around, from city to city, with the company of my parents and sister. The constant shifting of homes was tough, but it gave me an enriching flavor of India. I always had a flair for all things creative. Since we had the luxury of moving homes very often, I splurged on water colors, painting away the walls of my bedrooms and baths.
This later shaped my academics, when I went to the College of Arts, then NID and finally FIDM, Los Angeles. I had multiple work experiences such as freelance styling, visualizing and art direction, before I left it behind to take my creative leap and work on my brainchild – Khara Kapas.
I had initially started out very small – a pattern master, a tailor, two stitching machines in a small room of my house, and me. Relying on word of mouth initially, the process was slow and challenging, but we have now created a very tight knit family of customers who have been a part of our journey since the very beginning, and still keep coming back for more.
Sustainability is an essential part of my lifestyle practices, and that of people around me. So I strongly felt a need to share it on a wider scale, in turn standing true to my ethics. True to the name, @kharakapas the aim is to continuously strive to achieve purity through our fabrics, designs and ethical business practices. Small weavers are the cornerstones of my business; their immense skillset is valuable as none of our products would be possible without their contribution.’ said Shipi Yadav

#kharakapas #handcrafted #indianroots #indiantradition #slowfashion #sustainableliving #sustainablefashion #indianweavers #ruraldevelopment #skilldevelopment

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