Saumia Bhatnagar – the best way to reconnect with yourself and with nature

‘I’m a travel writer. Travelling anywhere new by oneself is daunting but my curiosity has always compelled me to go. The seeds of my interest in travel writing were unknowingly sown in my childhood. Growing up as a Army kid was absolutely carefree and full of independence. Considering my father was posted to different places almost every year, I have grown up all across the country namely Shimla, Nainital, Shillong, Almora, Jaipur and Delhi. Travelling has been an intrinsic part of my life ever since the beginning. My father was posted to remote towns where there were no good schools. So, for 6 years, my parents lived apart from each other just so that we could study in an excellent school back in Jaipur. After school, I studied English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College for Women in Delhi University.
I discovered my interest in travel writing two years back when I decided to freelance with @tripotocommunity as a content writer. I took up the job just as a short stint but within a few months, I realised about my interest in writing about my travel experiences. After that, I started travelling more, exploring more, and bringing travel stories to my readers.
Last month, when I went to Czech Republic for a blogger’s familiarisation trip, I found balance between documenting and travelling to be a real challenge initially. The main aim of the trip was to learn about the country, document and promote it. I was so hassled, all throughout the first one hour in Prague, I didn’t know what to handle; my go pro, my camera, my diary or myself. But slowly I learnt that it was important for me to set aside a few minutes in every place to simply immerse into its vibe so as to connect with each place and experience.
In India, traditional and stable jobs have long been glorified and creativity is seldom allowed to bloom, social media has provided a platform to every creator to put forth their work and inspire others.
As a travel writer I suggest that everyone must travel to a place where there’s no internet at least once a year. This is the best way to reconnect with yourself and with nature.’ said Saumia Bhatnagar

#travel #travelwriter #travelblogger #tripotocommunity  @ Delhi, India


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