Rashi Narang – Heads Up For Tails Foundation

‘My labrador Sara has a very special place in our family and I wanted to get her something really lovely for her first birthday. This was 13 years ago when we didn’t have so many pet stores and companies in India and the options back then were limited. It was then that I realised that there was a real need for special products for pets; not just cute accessories but even products for special conditions, for senior dogs and pups. This prompted me to set up @headsupfortails in 2008 to fulfil these needs.
When we began over a decade ago, it was a very new field. There weren’t any other companies in India that we could take our cues from. So we started with practically nothing to go on. We had a small set up at home and a tiny budget. We had to work incredibly hard and reach out to so many people to understand our path and figure what products were required. Then we needed sit and design these products, find vendors to source our materials, get them made, then take feedback from our customers and change features as they needed. A lot of R&D went into each product that we launched. We made a strong effort to design and create products that fit into a pet’s lifestyle and satisfy specific needs. So there was so much learning on the job, we took it one thing at a time and one day at a time to get to where we are today.
We’re still quite a small team and we work closely together so there’s a lot of collaboration involved. Each day is exciting and a big mixed bag of things that need attention.
We recently managed to establish our Heads Up For Tails Foundation. Through this we’re using education and awareness to promote peaceful coexistence of man and nature in the urban context. This is something we have been thinking about since the very beginning. We’re working hard to make an impact through our Foundation as well.’ said Rashi Narang

#headsupfortails dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #thedodo  @ New Delhi

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