Rajesh Kumar – Eco-tourism is a term widely used but hardly practiced

‘One day I dreamt about creating a humane touristic experience in the wonderful Sundarban jungle. I imagined visitors living among locals, eating their food, living in clay huts with straw roofs, I imagined them being absorbed by natural and artistic beauty of the and get transported peaceful and happy mental space. And from this dream a little village was born.
Backpackers Eco Village took five years to plan and just five months to get started. It took a lot of searching for the right piece of land and a lot of soul searching I didn’t want to make it just another resort, yet I wanted my guests to have a good experience. The idea was to let people break away from their daily life chaos to spend a few days in the lap of nature and do things which pleases their senses. Everything in the Eco Village is prepared/ built using traditional methods of this area, with much love and affection and in an organic way. Eco-tourism a term widely used but hardly practiced. Each and everyday its a conscious effort to find new ways of making our Eco village more ecological.’ said Rajesh Kumar

📷 @unwrappinghumans  @ Backpackers Eco Village, Satjelia Island, Sundarban

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