Bhavna Kapoor – Little things add up and take you closer to the health and life you are seeking

‘I grew up in a small place called Dehradun in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was a sleepy town, the most amazing place for a child to grow up in because of lots of greenery, open spaces and proximity to nature.
Despite being an active person, I struggled with my health right since childhood. The problems intensified in my 20’s and by the time I was 30, I had debilitating acidity, bloating, sinus, low immunity, brain fog, premature greying, piles, joint pains and slow weight gain. I felt like I had done everything to get healthier in terms of popping pills, alternative therapies, ayurvedic medicine and controlling my diet. Yet things had gotten out of hand.
In 2011, I got on a mission to find out what is the true cause of my ill health.  I came across Plant based nutrition and where all else had failed, plant based food worked. My health issues nearly vanished in just 6 months.
I felt it was worth it to devote myself to spreading awareness about it and helping people come on the right track. It is not just a healing diet for the body, but also has the lowest carbon foot print and a lifestyle based on compassion towards other living beings.
I then took up various nutrition courses to enhance my knowledge plus a course from Institute of Integrative Nutrition via which I got certified as a Health Coach. You could say one thing lead to another all the way and I started @healthnut_india in 2014. I also hosted a health show on Radio One (Mumbai) and have an online cookery show as well.
Little things add up and take you closer to the health and life you are seeking. It could be the smallest thing like starting your day with a fruit or doing a 10 minute jog every evening.  The question is – will you do it every day, even on a holiday, even when work is too hectic even when its raining. Will you do it out of a feeling of joy or a feeling of drudgery?’ said Bhavna Kapoor @ Dehra Dun, India

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