Apeksha Vicky Rangire – we created a platform to work towards bringing social awareness in the field of mental health

‘I met Vicky in 2010, we started 2010 and got married in November 2018. We both had similar interests in the spiritual & metaphysical sciences.

Although I belong to the family of doctors and administrative professionals, I chose to pursue masters in Psychology. I’m a certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer as well which covers the aspects necessary to guide an individual to acquire complete harmony with one self.  Vicky is an Automobile & Network Engineer and currently, he’s a certified a Life Coach , Soft Skill Trainer and Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer. Both of us are trained Reiki Masters as well.

Our journey of being a Light workers, Energy Healers accessended when we moved to Delhi in 2016 for jobs prospects, while working as a psychologist/ therapist in a corporate, we realised that going to a mental health professional is still a taboo in India.

Together, we created a platform to work towards bringing social awareness in the field of mental health. We created Elysian Wellbeinng Service (EWS) in Jan 2018. It’s an Offline & Online Counselling service. Our Healing programs are developed in a scientific way and is a blend of Psychology, Quantum physics and Holistic healings of Ancient India.
We are team of facilitators who are experienced and have various expertise in healing modalities and in wellness. EWS is an initiative to bring balance in all the areas of life; psychological, physical , emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

We conduct workshops on well-being in Delhi NCR, Bhopal and Rishikesh. We take our clients on rejuvenation trips as well and in future we’re planning to collaborate with other ventures working in the similar field in order to bring awareness about mental health among society.’ said Apeksha Vicky Rangire @ Delhi, India

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