Anuj Nandu

‘My musical journey started in 2010 when the protracted summer holidays pushed me to pick up the guitar. After 2 years of learning, my coach urged me to manage his growing batches. I took it up with great skepticism of my teaching skills and it was one of the best decisions that I’ve taken. Things changed when my coach had to halt his practice for a bigger opportunity, but I wasn’t done teaching yet. That’s when the hunt for ‘A classroom’ began. But Mumbai’s inflated real estate didn’t really support budding musicians.

A casual evening walk with my Dog to a park nearby led to the discovery of the ‘open space’ I call my ‘Classroom’ now. It’s been a little over 2 years now and this classroom never has a dull moment. To think of it after almost a decade, the four paws & six strings have made me the way I am today. And that’s how the idea of #TheFourLeggedGuitarist came up, which is a tribute of gratitude to the elements that make me.’ said Anuj Nandu @ मुंबई Mumbai

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